Sunday, November 7, 2010

a bit more...

a bit more of what we have been up to...

we have met and ministered to friends
it was a blesing to meet Joesph today
he traveled quite a way to find and meet us,
for we had a gift for him from a friend in America

his heart was overjoyed when we found him
and ours was full from blessing him

we plan on keeping in touch with him
and helping him in any way we can

we have taken "the grands" 
on their last excursions in south africa...

shopping the greenmarket square for african treasures

where briley finally got her hair braided
she has been asking since we arrived

and scored a tote for her bible and journal
she has been journaling and it is one of the most precious things:)

 we took the entire fam
 to the end of the african continent

over- the- top- amazing folks
take a glance at your map, 
find the tippy tip point 
way down south 
we were there today

the kids were amazing hikers
 i must say i hiked quite abit with the bear on my back
in fact, we drew lots of attn 
as he fell asleep clung to my back on our way back down
(kinda felt like i fit in with the culture here as babies are worn on their mommies)

and joe, 
 he did some of the hike with both lil ones
one in the backpack and one on his shoulders
let's just say 
we are tired tonite

and bristol showed some celebrity status today
all these tourists visiting this grand, 
and more than a few decide to take pictures of bristol
pretty funny
(thinking next time we will start charging)
we were able to share with some about adopting and helping orphans

 we praise God for the beauty He has allowed us to experience
as we serve down here at the base of africa

our God is an awesome God

on another note-
i am starting to feel the effects of "the grands" leaving
just today a tinge of anxiousness crept in
we have so enjoyed their familiar faces
their help
their love and support

prayer requests:
we get the rental stuff worked out on the house we found
transition as the grands leave (for us and for them)
safe travels for them
a car for us (well, really, a van or something big enough to hold us)
getting our home established (furniture, beddings, etc)
pray we find some good deals for our home (and car)

until next time...


Matt and Shelley said...

it's been great keeping up with you and your fam on your adventure. praying for your prayer requests. excited for you all!!

Steph and Dusty said...

It is great reading your blog and seeing what an amazing adventure you are on.

Anonymous said...

i love Briley's hair braided!! So cute Briley! I can't wait to see every strand braided! :)julia