Saturday, November 27, 2010

turkey and crayfish

we celebrated thanksgiving again today
with a group of fabulous folks
who included us newbies in their yummy feast.
once again,
there were several
who had never experienced thanksgiving before.
and once again,
there was delicious- over- stuff- your- belly food!

turkey wasn't the only creature we were after today.
joe got an invite to go out on a boat for some crayfish
(looks like a lobster and like a crawfish from Tennesse on steroids???)
he was estatic
even though he told me he felt
a wee bit sea sick
though not enough
to keep him from bringing home
not the bacon BUT crayfish
for dinner on many occasions.

and in other news...
as with all birthdays in our fam
joe began celebrating 
a wee bit early with b-fast at a yummy pancake and waffle place
and then his fishin' expedition
(which just so happened to be the 2nd in less than 24 hrs)

Sunday is the actual big day and we will live it up even more

cheers for the time of year that is full of food, fun and all out celebrations!

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Heather Beal said...

so glad you are having fun. I would love to eat a crawfish that size. Tell Joey Happy Birthday from the Beal's. Take care and we love keeping up with your adventures.