Thursday, November 25, 2010


we celebrate our first holiday away from family, home, the U.S.
(where we are halfway thru our day and they are just getting up)
we are thankful for new friends here who are loving on us.

we have 2 yummy celebrations to attend
the 1st was at LIVING HOPE
with these fabulous folks

there were games, music, food, prizes
and many thankful hearts and full bellies.

later we will celebrate more at a friends house.
pics to come.

and then
on Saturday
we will do it ONE more time at a "Thanksgiving Extravaganza".

the Americans over here seem to unite together and the South Africans are willing to celebrate with us. all in favor of good food, fun, friendships, 
and most of all thankfulness.

my heart feels a bit torn today.
for family and friends back in the States
(missing them dearly and sending love accross the ocean)
and thankful 
for the new friends here who have invited us into their hearts and homes
(God has blown us away with community. friendships.
something we had not expected but are so praiseworthy).

may we be always in a state of thankfulness. praising God for each moment, memory, obstacle, challenge, hope, dream, person, friendship, love, part of creation, and day.

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Karen Parker said...

Thought I'd find you somewhere on the web :) Was lovely to meet you and to spend our first thanksgiving with your family!