Tuesday, November 9, 2010

more goodbyes

tonite we told "the grands" 
after being one large and crazy family of 8 for 19 days
they are returning to Tennessee and their lives
and we are getting ours started here
around the world
on the coast of South Africa
their travel with us ultimately
what each of us involved needed

they needed
to see where we were going to live,
how we would do daily life,
where we would settle
and make our new nest.
seeing this brought comfort and peace to their hearts and minds
(as i know it would me...being a mother myself i can only imagine such long distance)

we needed 
to not have to say all our goodbyes at one time
almost 3 weeks ago we left all and everyone we knew
it felt good to bring 2 more "pieces" of home with us
plus, they were needed to help manage this circus of 4 monkeys

i am not sure if they will ever know how much their presence here comforted me
as i adjusted to a new life, 
new culture
with new foods, new money
new stores, new friends, new everything
a strong bond was created and memories made as we started life
here on the tip of africa
with the love and support of, none other than, our most precious mothers

the kids 
enjoyed their presence
just the normalcy of having them around and sharing times

goodbye hot chocolate toasts briley planned

and i soaked up memories of watching them together
as i know a long time will pass before next visit...
legs will be longer, ages will be greater,
steps will be taken, words will be learned,
hair will be longer, maturity will be evident,
kids will be smarter, feet will be bigger...
so much happens as kids grow, you know.

and honestly,
we are used to all "the grands" being around for every moment
or atleast within a 20 minute drive

the exciting and praiseworthy part is
skype shares faces, voices, memories
as does email notes, snail mail treats
and we are planning to enjoy every moment to communicate and share life from afar!

and so,
tonite i hugged tightly the necks of my mother and mother-in-law
and thru tears shared love so strong
we will miss them around here
and know they will miss us
until that sweet day we hug their necks again

if you can say a prayer for their travels, their peace
and lift us up as we stay here

and the praises today:)
signed our lease for our new home and
plan to move in mid-december
and registered the bear for school starting in january
and bristol is walking
(it's not her preferred mode of transportation yet but she is getting there...
and what makes it more special is "the grands" were here today to witness it)

God is good


Susan Grove said...

Courtney, I think about you all the time. I miss seeing all of your crew in the preschool foyer on Sundays. We are all praying for your family.

bat4ut said...

Courtney...what a special memory for you and your family. I will pray for their travels and for you all as you have to part ways and move on!

mommacarter said...

i am just sitting here crying...not sure why but i miss your presence. and I am crying extra nonny tears for all the ones they didn't cry while they were there with you....praying for all! love and miss,

Anonymous said...

hey guys we're reading and keeping up with your blog here in Tennessee. just here at grandmother stokes today to spend the day with her and she is computer savy you know. getting way ahead of us. amazing... love to all. Jackie & Jeana

Dana said...

love, love, love. more tears tonight. gotta quit crying over you leaving. just miss you. wish we could meet for lunch tomorrow...boo hoo hoo!!!!!!! :)
xoxo dane

Anonymous said...

It's so awesome to read about your life. thank you for sharing it weekly. love your blog. keep strong in the Lord and we will truly continue to pray for God's guidance and grace.
love to all of you. julia