Wednesday, May 28, 2008

4 Generations

What a wonderful holiday weekend it was. We enjoyed cookouts, homemade ice cream, 4 wheeler rides, playing in the creek, catching a turtle named Ted, a goat chasing adventure with Papa and Nonnie (wish I could have been there and gotten some pics), seeing some of favorite 2nd cousins, and hanging with our buds!

I was very excited tonight for us to spend time with my almost 90 yr old grandfather. "Pops" is my mom's dad from Georgia. He and my aunt came up for his Dr appointment at Vandy. He is getting a wee bit forgetful in his old age - Asking where he was going when my aunt told him they had arrived in Franklin. Or wondering why he was really even here. He loves to see the great grand kids. He was so happy just to watch the kids play around him. It really made me think tonight about all the memories I have of him and my "Mawmaw" during my childhood. Sometimes I smell things that remind me of their basement or hear of someone canning beans like they did. Or when I catch lightening bugs or hear loud tree frogs at nite - their home comes to mind. I remember Mawmaw hated to turn on the a/c in the summer so we slept on top of the sheets with the fans on high. I remember Pops could make anything - including a playhouse with electricity and linoleum floors and a front porch. They are such a treasured part of my childhood memories. I am so glad Briley and Braxton are old enough to have some sort of a relationship with Pops. We don't get to see him nearly enough, but, they know and love him none the less. I tried to get everyone posed for a 4 generation picture - check out the effort.

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