Thursday, May 22, 2008

first and some lasts

Today is our first day of summer! YEA! We went one last time to Mrs. Poyner's kindergarten class and picked up Briley's perfect report card. I am so proud of her hard work this year. She has learned so much. I can not believe how well she can read and write. Hopefully, we can keep up our skills this summer. Mommy will have to be on her toes. I'm not quite sure yet how we will work in our very own summer school sessions but I know both big kiddos will need at least some practice. Honestly, I'd rather just let them have a veg out break, but, I'm sure that's not the greatest plan. So, we will try to squeeze in a few learning hours over the summer when we aren't too busy playing!

After leaving school we headed to the park for a picnic. We love a good picnic and park time. I must say it got a wee bit warm today. Glad we could sneak in a little park time before the blazing summer heat forbids it. I got a cute pic of the kids enjoying their Mcdonald's. I know, I should've packed the lunch, but, I was trying to keep my house clean this morning.

Since it is summer now, I must tell you a bit about the lasts! Yesterday was Briley's last day of kindergarten and just like the first day - I was sad. So much has changed since that first day...She reads very well and writes the best stories, she's more mature, her legs are longer, she's just more grown up and I'm having a hard time with it. She has a baby brother who on that first day was the baby bear growing in my tummy that we didn't even know yet. Wow, time goes by and things change and if we aren't careful we'll miss it. I can't believe I am the mom to a first grader and I just turned thirty - OH, I am getting old! She loved her teacher and class so much this year and I feel so blessed by that. My prayers are now for their teachers next year. I think it is so important to pray for your child's teachers. They make such an impact and can really influence what kind of year it is going to be. My prayers were definitely answered in the 2 teachers the kids had this year!

Braxton had a last too. He finished 3 yr old preschool last week. He adored Mrs Sally and we will miss her greatly. He learned so much this year and really started showing his independence. I am so proud of him. He wants so much to be as big as his sissy. Sometimes I wish they could all 3 just stay little. These really are wonderful days in my life. I love juggling my 3 bears.

Summer fun - HERE WE COME!

Enjoy the pics of our first summer picnic, Briley's last day of kindergarten, and Braxton's last day of preschool!

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