Monday, May 12, 2008

The Return

We have all returned...

Daddy made it home safely, as did the other men who heeded the call of the Lord and served the people of Nicaragua. What a trip they had. From the highs of sharing the gospel over ice cream treats, soccor games, and block laying - to the lows of working their way thru spanish screaming riotors with sticks and one man's cut foot that in the US would most definitely need stiches. Praise to God for all the lives safely brought back to their wives and children and for the needy people of Nicargua that they forever touched. I know every man will keep these memories in his heart forever and be changed for the better.

Briley really listened as Joey shared his slideshow pics of the mission trip with us last nite. She asked about the pretty little girls and their families and homes. She wondered aloud about how they don't have things like we do - cozy beds, stuffed animals, or a pantry full of food. After her daddy tucked her in last nite, she wandered back downstairs with a basket full of toys and a note saying, "...FOR SALE TO POR KISSE... " Translated that means for sale to poor kids. She said that she had prayed and God spoke to her heart about giving some of her toys to the poor kids. (Notice she did say for sale and not donate but, she really means just give the needy her excess.)It is so wonderful as a parent to see Christ show Himself in your child. She truly felt Him calling her and wanted to make a difference. My prayer for her every day is that she has a heart full of compassion, and she truly does. This was just one way she showed it. (Check out the pic of her and her toys and sign:)

Joey took lots of pics on his Nicaraguan Adventure. I will just share a few of my faves. Check out his blog in the next few days because I'm sure he'll add more pics and have great stories to tell.

Another thing we celebrated this weekend was Mother's Day. I am so blessed to have three beautiful, healthy children. They truly are gifts from God. Each one so different from the other. Each one a perfect piece to fit into our family. I love them all so much! My prayer is that I can be the mother that God desires me to be. Growing my children in Him and letting Him show me how to mold them into the people he desires them to be. Building up their strengths and gifts, and putting the seed of Christ in them, so they will one day love the Lord as Joey and I do.

It is wonderful to be back home again. We have a crazy week this week with Braxton finishing 3 yr old preschool and Briley having a reading carnival and field day and getting so close to becoming a first grader. I can not believe my kiddos are getting so big. Countdown to summer... 1o DAYS!

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Amanda Pilkinton said...

aww, sweet briley! that is so cute!!!