Friday, December 17, 2010

briley beth

9 years ago today my doctor said "it's a girl"
and i became a mommy
to a treasure,
a gift from the Lord,
a child that lights deep into my soul.

i am blessed because of briley beth!

and today, being her day,
we celebrated.
doing what she requested.
opening presents 1st thing.

hangin out as a family.
skype-ing far away family.

eating at her favorite waffle place.

going to the beach.

playing at our new place.
walking to dinner.
going on a mommy/daughter after dinner date
for, none other than...
a weakness we both share with giggles!

(sorry for the grainy, second rate pic)

briley. you are gift to all you meet. and i love being your mommy.

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Amanda Pilkinton said...

Happy Birthday Briley! You are truly beautiful on the inside and out! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Your friends in TN
Jesse, Amanda, Will, and Caroline