Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a letter from Joey

Merry Christmas from South Africa!  The family and I have now settled into our final resting spot in Kommetjie, South Africa.  It is a beautiful place that is situated literally at the tip of Africa.  We are about 10 minutes from Cape Point which is the farthest south you can go on the Southern Peninsula.  

God definitely hand picked this home for us.  It fits our family so well and the kiddos absolutely love it.  We have been here 6 days now and it is amazing how much relief we feel to finally be semi-settled.  

This area of the world literally shuts down this time of year.  Instead of the hustle and bustle we knew back home, we have been witness to a mass exodus here on the Peninsula.  The people who live in the township we work near pack up and go back to their homeland in the Eastern Cape.  The thousands of people we would see walking the streets everyday have now become only a few hundred here and there.  The other locals go to their favorite holiday spots for relaxation and family time.  The children here are on their summer break so most of the people use this time to take the equivalent of our summer vacations.  It really is kind of weird!  It feels more like the 4th of July than it does Christmas. There are also many who flood this area to spend their holiday time. 

We finished the construction of the greenhouses last week.  This project was a real learning experience for me.  I worked physically harder than I think I ever have.  God provided 4 amazing Zimbabweans to help me with this process.  I learned so much about life and work from these guys.  We talked about  our differences/similarities, our families, and our desires.  I was truly blessed to share this time with them and love on them as we worked together.  Ministry truly is simply loving those around you.  God is daily revealing the simplicity of His plan to me!  I was able to talk with them about Christ and even gave each of them a new bible as we finished the tunnels.  It was like I had given them a $1000 dollars.  One of them told me, "This is the only thing I have found that brings me comfort in this life."  I was convicted in that moment that I take so lightly my access to Holy Scripture.

On January 3rd, we will start installing the irrigation system and pools.  I am excited to start this last phase before we begin planting the crops.  We have a soft plant date of January 15th.  I can't wait to see how God uses these tunnels for His kingdom work.

Please pray for us and our families back home during this time.  It is difficult for all of us being apart on this first Christmas.  Also, pray that for continued protection and health for our family.  God is doing an amazing work in our lives and we are so thankful for all of your prayers and support.  May God bless you all this Christmas!  

We love you all! 

J. Lankford

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