Wednesday, December 29, 2010

our hearts

as we have settled mostly into our home,
and joe has had the tunnels erected a couple weeks and is awaiting Jan 3
when he begins the moving of the water tanks and then planting, 
and as i await the kiddos starting school so i can dig into ministry opportunities...

our hearts have been touched
by the lives around us.

that our God sent his Son 
to a manger
and a cross 
just like us.

as i look out my window 
and i see men digging in my trash

i think... 

there is no favoritism in God's eyes.
God loves us both the same.

but Satan seeks to kill and destroy us both. 
these men digging in my garbage are gripped by poverty,oppression, and injustice.

are gripped by materialism, self indulgence, and guilt.
both are life drainers
and both separate us from all God has for us.

God is working on our hearts and minds
in this place.
we are excited at all the opportunities ahead 
to share His love with those around us.
can't wait to share more details as they unfold.

in the meantime
please pray 
for us as we seek to follow the Lord
for us to see the opportunities to serve right before us each day
for the people of the township Masi (approx 2 miles from us)
who were involved in the recent fires there (over 700 people lost homes and belongings).

make me know the way i should go, for to you i lift up my soul. psalm 143:8

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jennyg said...

praying for you and fam. jenny