Wednesday, December 8, 2010

so far...

so far this week.
we have
website, tunnels, packages, and...

our story was put on several of our home church's websites this week and the editorial folks did a fabulous job working with the info we gave them. click the link on the sidebar or at the beginning of this paragraph and read it if you get a chance! it is right there on the front page with our pic.

today was a hot one around here and perfect weather for stretching plastic over greenhouses which is just what Joey and his guys did all day.  
next step, is the doors on the sides and grading out the floors. the goal is to have this project completed by Friday! we pray that the Lord provides bountiful crops from theses tunnels for years to come and long after us. may it be blessed! we received not 1, not 2 but 3 packages. which just so happened to be perfect as the 3 oldest each felt as if they needed one and well, we must be fair:) 1 was from Braxton's SS teacher back in TN (we love u Mrs Seay), another from some folks in my SS Class filled with treasures for the kids, Christmas CD's, and cards! (and let me tell u how much the Christmas music was needed). and the 3rd was for Briley's birthday coming up next week. whew! i must say packages from home feel so delightful!

1 week from today we move FINALLY into our new home 
and we were blessed today to find out we can stay here in this place until then. God is so good! 
we thought we were going to have to do a temporary move from Sun to Wed, but nope we can stay here until the big day! So that means we will only have made 6 moves since we left our home in TN until we settle in our home in South Africa. wow...that sounds crazy and has been a real adventure...
but we are ready to have our own place to finally unpack:)

hum...have i left anything out? 
i'm sure... but really do you want to know it all?!

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