Sunday, December 5, 2010


here's what has happened in our neck of the woods (or the beach) this past week...
some with pics
some without

braxton lost his 2nd tooth and was visited by
not the tooth fairy BUT the tooth mouse.
i am not sure who, here in SA,  told him there was a mouse not fairy in charge of teeth.
but no matter
because i am pretty sure he has started a new trend in our family.
as he went to bed the other nite
he placed his tooth
in a small block of cheese,
inside his shoe
and right under his bed.
where the next early morn he found crumbs and some rand (our money here).
quite cute folks. quite cute.

bristol has become terribly fro- licious.

in other news...after a trip to the mall in hopes of sitting in the lap of jolly ole saint nick
mom opted for a random pic in the mall to document the day
as the man in the red suit was no where to be found.
i know he is here somewhere...just haven't found him yet.
pretty weird. decorations up, Christmas music in the background,
where is Santa?
(anyone around here know where we can score a pic with him??)

p.s. the buggy is ours and it is full of the bedding for our yet to be purchased beds
and the mall was fab and within an hour's drive

now for ministry work...
joey and his guys have finished the framework of the tunnels.
this week they are scheduled to stretch the plastic over the tops.
but also on the schedule
is crazy wind.
which has already arrivedin full force (pun intended) today.
and so
once again
i can say the word of the day is "flexibility"
hopefully they will get a calm, sunny day very soon to finish this task
in preparation for the upcoming hoilday break.
(update pics coming soon!)

on a praise note...we are in the month that we will make our final move...
the one into our permanent place here!

and Briley's best news of the week...
Bernard, our elf on the shelf,
has found his way to South Africa
and into our home
he was a bit late
but hey, it is a long trek from the North Pole to almost the south.

and very importantly,
(joey wouldn't let me leave out)
the crayfish
which we were blessed to dine on this very nite.
our soon- to- be new neighbor who just so happens to be a fisherman extraordinare
provided yumminess that to me was like eating lobster
and it was delectable!

after cooking but before cracking in to eat

after cracking open but before devouring

other task to complete this week (besides the tunnels)
order necessary furniture for our new place (mattresses, kit table)
start Christmas shopping (can't believe i haven't started this yet)
paint bristol's crib (which here is called a cot)
finish up car details so we can then mend minor probs on it
(1 being that the alarm blares (and that is a kind word) every time you open a door and 2 being the seat won't scoot up for me to reach the pedals, and  3 ...and a few,honestly we are just happy it gets us where we want to go and we aren't paying rent on one anymore!)

looking forward to an remarkable week of looking for God all around...


jennyg said...

what fun the updates!

Ashley said...

I have been thinking about Bernard Im so glad he made it there...and I have no words for Bristol's pic.... and I LOVE the slide show...I need a new awesomer word instead of adventure, yall are amazing!!!! miss yall

Dana said...

bristol's pic made me miss her tonight...she looks bigger... :(
and her hair is definitely bigger! :) The mall looks great and I am happy you found it. Wanna skype soon. Love you.

Leigh said...

I have to was me that told him about the tooth mouse. i told him at thanksgiving and his eyes got SO big! my mom is south african and she raised us with the mouse. so maybe some south africans do a fairy, but i think the mouse is pretty fun. glad it visited Braxton! ;)

Karen Parker said...

Hi Courtney...
lovely to see all that has been happening since meeting you at Andy and Leigh's. For Christmas pics try the Constantia Village shopping mall - just give the centre a call first to find out what day they do photo's. I've never had any done there, but saw their 'Santa' last year and he's the most christmas-ey one I've seen in CT - nice beard! Know they have set days and times so just call them first. And be warned that the pics may cost you an arm and a leg :) Love to you all, Karen