Tuesday, December 28, 2010

life size

i get a message from my mom about
a Christmas present.
she had received from her thoughtful neighbor
Mrs Brenda.
i must call my mom (on skype, of course) to SEE
what it is.

i call her 
and she pops this thing out!

an almost life size portrait of my kiddos!
no sir-eee! it wasn't supposed to be this BIG.
it was a printing mistake.

but, nevertheless,
now our Mimi 
can see these sweet faces 
like they were right there with her
life size and all!

both Mrs Brenda
and my mom 
were astounded when they opened this package.
as anyone 
would be 
i am sure!
but for a Mimi 
whose grandbabies 
are halfway around the world
it is perfect.
(even if we do get a laugh out of it).

oh and joe and i told her when we come back to America
we'd love it to forever be on our wall...we will see if she will let it go:)