Monday, December 20, 2010

the puppy pact

a promise from daddy.

back when we first started discussing our move to africa
daddy and briley made a pact.

a puppy pact.

when we get in our new place,
and get settled,
she could have her little pup.

we are mostly.

we couldn't resist another moment longer.

drumroll, please!
welcome to our new home...

briley came downstairs this morning
already talking of this name
and that was before we even mentioned today might be
THE DAY. the puppy day.
i had hoped we could do a Christmas morn surprise
this precious pup is now a part of the fam. 
                                                                       and oh so loved.

wondering if everyone will feel that way after all the pees and poops and walks? hehe!
wondering if i'm ready for a "5th child"?
doesn't the puppy responsibility
ultimately fall to the mom when the newness wears off?

joey says,
no responsibility, then the pup is fish bait:)
you should hear the raucous this generates.

excitement abounds around here!

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