Thursday, December 16, 2010

the move

top 3 news this week
tunnels completed Monday (woohoo!!),
move Wednesday,
and Briley's birthday Friday.

and so
december 15th
it happened!
the #7 move
(yep, u got it right....
7 different places we have laid our
weary heads, after 7 different moves)
we have landed in...
our new HOME.
can i say it any louder...??
it feels so good!
and so
we are continuing the settling process
all while the day we celebrate the birth of
our Saviour
quickly approaches
and while those in this small piece of the world
stop work and go home to family (for several weeks)
or come on "holiday" to experience the beauty of 2 oceans
and sunsets into the sea with toes in the sand and wind (insane-ness) in the hair

and we pause and take in deep
the LOVE God has for us .
so much that He sent His Son to save us,
so much that He provides for us daily
so much that He blesses us and forgives us and holds us.

and so,
over the next few weeks
we will have time
as a family
to hang out,
enjoy the new home,
settle in,
build friendships,
seek God's instruction on the next steps He desires,
and celebrate
all with Daddy around
(since things shut down around here).
quite different from the U.S.

it will be time for change once again
as Daddy goes back to serving full time,
as the 2 big kids start school
(after 3 month break... otherwise known as their 2nd summer break of the year),
then the bear starts school,
mommy can get settled in my place of serving
and oh how i look forward to where God is leading.
and on to a new normal. a routine one. (i think that sounds quite nice- especially since i thrive on routine and well...transition and flexibility have been my middle names!)

by the way...
did u catch what tomorrow is?
our sweet Briley Beth will enter her last single digit year
as i prayed over her tonite and the previous nites
my heart is heavy thinking
in the amount of time she has been here (9yrs)
in 9 more she will be 18
and heading to college
and not living under our roofs (probably)
and well...oh my, can't even handle that!
must stop thinking that!
and enjoy every minute with this precious daughter of ours
who daily
(more than that)
makes my heart swell
with love, joy, laughs,
experiences through a child's eyes,
this daughter who is a gift from above.
my heart is rejoicing.
rejoicing in memories and moments with her.
can't wait to celebrate nine tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

makes me happy to know you are finally home...
love you