Tuesday, August 12, 2008


You Go Girl! Mommy is so proud of her 1st Grader!
It was just as hard as I thought sending my 1st grader off to school. Even though it was only a half day- I felt as if it just drug along. Brax was a bit sad too! He loves playing with his Sissy. I can't believe we aren't in kindergarten anymore.

Briley was super excited - as you can tell by the big smile on her face. She was ready to use her new backpack -though there wasn't much to put in it since the school supplies were already in her desk waiting for use. Whoever came up with the order school supplies and have them waiting for the kids at their desks is a saint.

She's still smiling as she sits at her desk and begins her "work". I am not needed so I take my pic to remember all this by and drag myself away with the boys.

After school, yep, she was still smiling. She had a great day in the 1st grade.

The super duper most hardest part for me will be here in a day or two when I get her signed up for the bus. Oh, the tears that scenerio will bring from mommy. But, it must be done...Barron must have naps and they fall, of course, during am drop off and pm pick up. What's a gal to do? Plus, she wants to ride because her daddy has talked it up so big! Geez, I get anxious just thinking about it. Keep me in your prayers:)

p.s. i just got off the phone with the bus garage and she will get picked up in the morning! oh what have i done?!


Amy said...

Briley will be fine on the bus....I let Gracie ride last year too, but only because her older cousins get on at the same place and ride with her to and from school.
Take a photo of her stepping on the bus....they are such big girls now!!!

sonya gay stokes said...

my heart jumped a bit at hearing that she will step on that bus in the morning... wow. i can't believe time has passed us by so quickly. i know you are anxious (& have every reason to be) but briley will be the life of the party on her bus just as joey was on bus 53... you don't have to worry about her... she's got it mom!