Thursday, August 14, 2008


NEWNESS... Lots of newness! Don't go away -It's still me! I have tried once before to change things up a bit on the ole blog and finally I am successful. Don't get used to it too long, though, because this change is fun!

I decided that since so much else has changed in my life this week - What's one more change?

Here's a few differences around here this week...
  1. Braxton now can open the car door and buckle all by himself! (wow- this is a new sense of freedom for me)
  2. Barron now eats mostly table food- esp when we are at home! (I still rely on those nice gerber packs to help me out though) AND he is a pretty efficent cruiser! One day he's just going to take off!
  3. Briley can take a shower and wash her hair now -all by herself !(I'm sure she could have done it before, but, I am a bit controlling about cleanliness and I just couldn't decide if she was really washing up just the way I thought it should be done. Then, I had one of those "let her go, she can do it, she's growing up" moments and she proved successful!!!)
  4. Briley started 1st Grade. (enough said - she's getting old and so am I)
  5. Briley rode the bus to/from school! (I wouldn't let the tears come, though, they wanted to. She was super excited! She has had help from Braxton both days so far. He stands beside her with his lunchbox or backpack in hand and watches her board the bus and as it pulls away his sad face and shoulders make me want to squeeze him tight with love. He is distraught and wants to know when he can ride. I explain, "Maybe next year." He asks, "How many sleeps is that?". I say, "about 365". "That's how long until kindergarten, huh mom?" he asks. Then, I feel as if I really will lose it because what in the world will I do when they both go to school and get on that darn bus?!

P.S. A Happy Anniversary shout out to Mimi & Padre (32 yrs) and Mike & Hayley (9 yrs)!!!!!!


Emilee said...

I'm loving the new background! Briley looks so cute. Even though I can't see Brax's face, I can picture a pitiful look he is giving because Sissy is leaving for the day. Bless his heart!

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Oh Courtney, my heart hurt when I read that about Braxton. I bet he does miss his Sissy!

Anonymous said...

oh courtney....
hold tightly to these days and moments with your sweet ones.
i know you do as i read along the are doing such a fantastic job as supermom!
i miss my girls so much..