Thursday, August 7, 2008


We are now outnumbered. 7 animals. 5 humans.

Daddy's hard work fencing our property (a big thanks to the guys who chipped in their time and muscle) finally paid off on Tuesday nite. The big trailer arrived from Papa's farm with 3 horses! We excitedly watched as Braxton's Grey II (aka GreyGrey) unloaded along with Sunny D and her baby Briley named Tigerlily.

It's so peaceful to look out back and see them grazing. And it's wonderful to see the kids already putting in hours petting them and running along the fenceline.

Oh, and the 7 animals (in case you don't know) are...
the 3 horses mentioned above
2 German Shepherds Silas and Slater
1 fish Sonya
1 cat Solomon

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