Saturday, August 9, 2008

the last of summer

We are counting down the hours until Monday August 11th (aka the first day of 1st Grade). Here's a snippet of how we celebrated the last week of summer...

playing little chefs at Nana and Papa's!
And this to me epitomizes summer! Look at the pure uninhibited joy on their faces!

The end of summer is marked each year by a steamy hot time at The Fair!

Would you please check out the rope?! I talked all summer about taking the kids to Nashville's Bicenntenial Mall and Fountains- would you believe it was closed- oh, good grief!
So, we moved out adventure to Centennial Park for snowcones...
and monkey bars...
and duck feedings...

and of course, The Parthenon. Does anyone think it slightly odd we have a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece smack dab in the middle of downtown Nashville?

We have rang out the summer with a bang...from swimming, to playing at home, to The Parthenon, to Campaigning, to sleepovers, to The Fair, to Uncle Rich's Graduation Party, and so much more.

I will miss the freedom of summer days... Of Briley and Braxton playing for hours together upstairs. Of swimming. Of PJs until whenever. Of no schedule. Of just seeing her pretty face whenever I please.

But on a good note, we got to meet Briley's new 1st Grade teacher. Mrs Neal seems awesome!
Here's to the start of a new school year!


sonya gay stokes said...

i love that you guys have so many fun adventures! bri, brax, & barron will always remember summer days hanging with mom!

Emilee said...

It made me laugh when I saw the pic of the kids at Bicentennial mall because me and my roommate where going to take our other roommate there this past Saturday night to play in the fountains. We were so excited (we had her blindfolded and towels packed). When we got there, they weren't even on--how sad! You can tell the kids Miss Emilee tried to play in the water and was unsuccessful too.