Friday, August 8, 2008

and the winner is...

"My Pollsters" - Joey put in all day at our designated poll site. But... the kids and I didn't last too long. Braxton wanted to know where all the people were?! It was quite slow. Briley had to potty, then Brax and... well, you just can't sit in the grass and wait for cars or people to come by with no tent and just a few snacks for very long with 3 kids. We did give a few waves and recruit a few votes for Papa.
Feeling good about the results we are seeing stream along the bottom of the tv @ Logan's!!

Papa and Joey are very excited Grandpa Wayne and Helen made the Poll Party!!
Papa's WINNING SPEECH!!! You're looking at the republican nominee for Tennessee's United States Congress 4th District. Go LANKFORD!!

And...MaryKate, Papa, My Dad (aka Padre), and Nana celebrating a victory!

All the hard work paid off! Now, we will dig in even harder as we go up against the Democratic incumbant Lincoln Davis and go for the Big Win in November's election.

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