Monday, August 18, 2008

it's football time in Tennessee...

Joey and I decided that our "big kids" were finally old enough to attend their first ever Titans game! So, we dropped Barron off with Padre and headed out on an adventure! We grabbed a super quick dinner and took the long walk over the bridge to the stadium.

Our first stop - the gift shop. I was in such a hurry I ran off without Braxton's V.Y. jersey. Joey said his son wouldn't wear a fish shirt to an NFL game (don't get me wrong- it is a cool fish shirt -but...). Soooo, we ended up with a Titans tee for Brax (to hold him over until we could get the jersey back at home) and a cheerleading outfit for Briley!

Go Titans Go!!

They did great the 1st quarter. Got some ants in their pants the 2nd quarter, realized Uncle Taylor (though he is awesome) didn't play on this field, and played musical chairs. Halftime required snacks. The 3rd quarter Briley looked at me and said, "Hey mom, do you want to play I Spy?" I said, "Right now? Are you serious?" "Yeah", she answered. So we played a few impossible rounds of I Spy. (You try and play it at an NFL stadium- not so easy!!) Then, Joey and I decided it was time for this dog and pony show to hit the road. They did pretty well for a first time. We had tons of fun!!!

Here they are on our way out sporting their new tee and cheerleading attire!
Our favorite fall activity has!!
We are looking forward to Uncle Taylor's senior year of football which begins this Friday!

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sonya gay stokes-beasley said...

love this background...very fun! briley looks so big in that picture in her outfit. looks like ya'll had a blast...