Saturday, August 23, 2008

team time

Friday nite we celebrated the first game of the Page Patriots football season.

It began with a fun food filled tailgate...

5 little LANKFORD's are ready to cheer!!!!!

What a crew:)

Barron and Colby pull for their uncles...

(#2 LANKFORD) and (#87 WATSON get better soon)

cousin Tyler and Braxton love a good game!

my 3 fans go in for a closer look at the game, oh - i mean the cheerleaders!!!

On the field celebrating an exciting victory with Uncle Taylor and sweet Lanie! Yippee!

Way to go #2. Can't believe this is your senior year.

Oh, and we did a little campaigning too!

1 comment:

Amy said...

A lot of my classmates were at that game; we had our 20 year reunion this weekend and that was the first event!
It's a small world: I am a Page Patriot myself!

Maybe our girls will celebrate their 20 year from Page...several of my classmates went to school with me from Kindergarten on :)