Wednesday, August 20, 2008


a quick update...
last week we received our approval letter, aka our I-171H form, from the USCIS granting us permission to pursue our international orphan adoption. this is a giant step in our adoption process. u see this paper means we can "get in line" for our referral. but, this news is clouded by the fact that Vietnam is not letting anyone "get in line" right now. That's because as of september 1st they are closed for adoption if they can not reach an agreement with the US goverment. so, my friends, we wait. i, not as patiently as my husband- wait. we wait for september 1st to come and go, and we wait for any answers, and we wait for God to show us His perfect plan. right now my heart aches for the child that will one day be mine. i do not know her, where she will come from, but i know she is already loved. please keep us in your prayers as we continue this journey. but mostly pray for the sweet children that need homes.


Amy said...

personal question: Will CHI allow you to change countries if Vietnam doesn't open back up?
I always pray for the orphans everywhere. Hang in there, your baby will be yours when God is ready. I know you know this, that gives my heart peace for you ;)

Sonja said...

Well, looks like you and I are in similar boats. I've gotten pretty good at WAITING most days. It has been almost 11 months for a part of the process that was suppose to take 5........but, God is faithful and in HIS timing we'll both get our heart's desire! Hang in there.