Saturday, January 29, 2011

fire and water

we were awoken early this morning 
(3:45am to be exact)
 firemen and neighbors warning of a large fire 
on the mountain
behind our house.
only a bit earlier i had awoke to the smell of smoke 
and thought...
i should check this out, only to doze back to sleep.
fire seems to come often around here, but this time was different.

the men insrtucted us to gather 
important documents, medicines, the children, etc
and be ready if they come thru for evacuation.

joey went out front with the neighbors, firemen
in the street 
and i watched the red glow, smoke, and lights from the fire trucks 
on the mountain right behind us.

it was eery. 

just in case...
and because i'd rather be safe than sorry,
i grabbed one of our famous orange crates 
and threw in medicines, 
clothes for the kiddos,
clothes for joe and i,
computers, camera,
and other things to help us get by
if the worst was to happen.

by 5:30am joe and i were so tired we laid down
fully dressed and slept
knowing the firemen camped out front would alert us if needed.

3 helicopters 
are circling above our house 
repeatedly gathering up water
 from the atlantic ocean in front of us 
and flying over the house to the mountain behind us
for water dump after water dump.

and so, 
up we were
kids and all 
(luckily we never had to wake the kids last nite)

taking pictures,
waving at the firemen, 
and choppers

as they put out the fire 
that came 
entirely to close for comfort.

and so, as i claim every day, there is never a dull moment around here!

thanks to all who prayed for us last nite.
it is such a wonderful blessing
to know those who love and care for you
are calling on the Lord in your behalf.

today we are so thankful.

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Alison said...

So glad that ya'll are okay!!!