Saturday, January 8, 2011

surf's up

one of the perks of serving by the sea...


after months of talking about it
today was the day

surf lessons for 2.

had to put this pic in for the sole purpose of the
chiseled physique in the background
shirt tucked into speedo and all. ha.

Brax has claimed surfing was his gig for months.
he wasn't lying.
up he went on his first try.
semi-professional is the title we shall give him.

Bri would not be outdone.
though he was up first
she stayed the course surfing for 2 hrs.

these guys were awesome and joe and i are fired up
about our surf club we are starting in the lankford household:)

on the bum side...
our day turned a bit hectic as our car key malfunctioned due to ocean water
and a tow truck and entirely too much cash became the end to our day.
please pray we will get the key situation worked out quickly and cheaply
as we are only a one car family and now we are a none
(besides the ones are amazing friends are loaning us for a bit).


Love Being a Nonny said...

I know some uncles who are going to be jealous of these two surfing the waves!!!

Alison said...

Just had a chance to watch Bristol's precious!!!

Dana said...

one of my life long goals- since highschool, has been to surf before I die. so excited that it may be my niece and nephew that teach me someday...when my belly isn't so "with child"... love you. miss you every single day. still. :) dane

Amanda Pilkinton said...

That looks so awesome!!! Glad you guys are having fun!

Leigh said...

Awesome! We totally want to do this for Norah when she's older. Andy and i had a good laugh at your chiseled figure.