Wednesday, January 26, 2011

simple oxymoron

a post with absolutely no depth or spiritual enlightenment.
yet one that describes our family in a small way.

cheers to another 1st in SA...
have you ever used fast as a description of a turtle?

we have!

joe found this guy making record time across our back yard.

serious business folks. he was halling!

the kids are all up in the wild animal business
and are still awaiting their lion encounter in africa.

for now, we will stick with a new variety of turtle,
though looking similar to our turtle friends back in TN,
BUT would no doubt win the race!

and absolutely not,
did Briley's lips actually touch an unknown species
(atleast to us americans who have never seen a turtle this shockingly fast)
of turtle in SA...

here's to simple joys for the children.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I found your blog a while back, but then I lost touch with my blog list for a while. I am so glad to have re-connected with it, it's fun to catch up on what your family has been up to! It still cracks me up every single time I read the name Briley because that is MY daughter's name and I have never met another one :O).