Wednesday, January 12, 2011


tonite as i walked home from the market near our house with our milk
my mind was swirling as it often does.

i looked up at the mountain chain in front of me and what caught my eye
was the clouds pouring over it.
blue sky with puffy, stringy, hazy clouds.

clouds rolling along at the pace of a second hand keeping time.
i started to count one one thousand, two one thousand...
and it hit me...

these are the seconds
of my life,
of the lives of my husband, children, and all those around us.

and they are moving at a pace of 3600 seconds/hour.
there is no time to fret or worry.
God tells us that.
worry is only wasteful.
(and it is something i do so well).

and so
i chose today to praise Him for all that is around me.
praise Him for the blessings He provides each moment.
i chose to find the good.
i chose to love my kids and enjoy each second.

yes, there are worries in our life right now,
there will always be.
each one of us has something they are dealing with at any given moment
but God is over each and every one of them.

and so
i will
look around me
and see God's glory and grace
and love and blessings
His hope, peace, joy.

i will trust in my Saviour.

as spiritual battles war all around,
i take comfort in knowing the battle
over darkness has already been won.


the overtons said...

amen sister!!!! praying for you guys!

Tracy said...

This is beautiful Courtney! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your journey!

caryn reynolds said...

thanks for reminding me what its all about..praying for you guys!