Friday, January 7, 2011

two too many (beware)

our first encounter was with a baboon 
that had raided our neighbors cupboards and upon being caught
jumped the fence into our yard to enjoy his treats
while the kiddos were playing in the back yard.
our gardener saved the day by shooing him off.
by the way...he was atleast my size.

our second encounter 
came when our gardner goes into our shed (called windy house here)
and comes running out saying snake.
he refuses to go back in.
joey comes home for lunch and they begin
the attack.
it takes about an hour and the total cleaning out of the shed to find
to find the sneaky snake. 

joe kills him with a shovel. 

out to the road he goes.
only to be picked up by a man and taken up the street
where the neighbor shouts...

he is a cape cobra!

poisonous and so not good.

what's up with the critters today?
two is two too many.
and so the adventure continues...


Chrissy said...

Oh my WORD, woman! I doubt I would have made it through the snake thing!! You are BRAVE! :)

Leigh said...

OK not sure if Norah's coming over again any time soon!!!! lol, but seriously Courtney, where are you guys? Africa or something?? There are none of these things (that I know of) at my house! Kommetjie is crazy!

Mary-Kate said...

Scary! I'm surprised Briley doesn't have the snake in her hands! By the way, this is so ironic but the word verification I have to type below is howbain. Thought it was pretty cool that bain was in there.

Mary-Kate said...

and yes I know it is spelled bane but still. :)