Monday, January 24, 2011

it's time for...


after 8 months of loving life with mom,
after moving around the world,
playing hard for a second summer,
and watching big bro and sis start school


barron got his chance!

it was off to new school
where there is an awesome playground,
ride on toys,
and friends his age.

he has been begging for school for quite some time
and this morning he was sitting on ready.

that was until...
we got there
and he decided he wasn't sure mom and bristol needed to leave him there.

after some true vocalization of his dislike,
mommy left.
lo and behold,
he settled
and had a blast!
of course.

pretty sure the handoff will accompany tears tomorrow
even though he claims otherwise.
but no worries!
he only had happy, happy, good things to say about
his day, teacher, friends, fun,
motorcycle, playground,
and well...every part!

hip hip horray for 3 of the 4 munchkins in school
boy oh boy oh has been a long time coming!

1 comment:

Dana said...

BEAR!!!! You are such a BIG BOY NOW! I can't believe you started your first day of school today, buddy. Now you're just like sissy and brother, huh? Aunt Dane is SO PROUD of looked so happy---and I bet you are gonna be the loudest boy in your class! :) Hands down! :) I miss your big, deep voice, Bear. I love you, sweet big boy! :)