Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the VIDEO...bringing bristol home

6 months ago TODAY
we met our daughter Bristol after months and months of waiting.

below is
the video of that journey
(yes, i know, it's been 6 months BUT...
we have moved around the world since then
on top of adding our precious baby girl to our family).

please take time to watch it,
you will be blessed.
(fyi...click on the 4 arrows in the bottom right corner to watch it full screen)

Bringing Bristol Home... from Courtney L on Vimeo.


Jen Gash said...

ok, i cried. 43 times for 100 reasons. and then, i wept. love you all and love that sweet girl.

brittanyalysse said...

Court!!! that was such a tear jerker! I watched several parts over and over again because they were so sweet. One of my favorite parts was you with her birth mother. You are such a special mom...that's why God has blessed you with the privilege of raising these beautiful kiddos:)

Evan said...

Beautiful video! It is so fun to see videos of ET through someone elses lens. So happy you are home Bristol!

the overtons said...

oh how i long to see the streets of ethiopia again...love the video!!! praying for you guys!!

Melissa and Jud said...

That was an awesome video. I cried my eyes out with joy and happiness that God has blessed you with...She is precious! That was so sweet that you met her birth mother. Thanks so much for sharing this special video with us.

Becky said...

so sweet and brought back so many wonderful memories of Ethiopia. can't wait to go back!

Katie said...

What a great video and such a sweet tribute to your beautiful girl, her country, and those that cared for her first. You guys are amazing!

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Love it and Love ya'll!

Kris & Staci Hansel said...

What an awesome video! it brought back so many wonderful memories of our time in Ethiopia and the House of Hope II. We also got lots of footage of those same kids playing outside the gate. They definitely know how to work the camera/tourists for some choc-o-late:)

Anonymous said...


Me and dane just watched the vid...so great...it made us miss you guys so much...to hear the kiddos voices and see their faces...but it is such an inspiration, and such a testament to God's work in your lives...love you all


BlessingsAbundant said...

Thanks for sharing! Love this!

Ashley said...

I was just wishing YESTERDAY for a Bristol video.....I want to see her walk so bad miss all yall

Ubuntu Sports Outreach blog said...

Loved this video. Here are few of the reasons why:
1. Loved how she looks at you guys so inquisitively then to how she looks at you now with such trust & love.

2. Loved how cute you looked sleeping in the airport with her.

3. Loved how excited the 3 B's were to be receiving their little sister.

4. Loved how ironic it was that you used a song about "bringing her home" for the part about returning to Nashville. You gave her a big 'SYKE' and brought her here to us!!

Love your story, your friendship, and the next couple (or more) years together.


Change Thru Hope said...

Wow! I just cried my eyes out! I love knowing you all as a family and being part of her life! You are all a blessing and Bristol is such an incredible gift from God to all of us!