Tuesday, January 18, 2011

immeasureably more

now to Him who is able 
to do immeasureably more 
than we ask 
or imagine,
according to the power at work within us,
to Him be glory 
in the church and in Christ Jesus
throughout all generations,
forever and ever. amen.
ephesians 3:20

and so it seems that every where i turn these days. this is the verse i see.
serious business.
it is popping up everywhere.

i first felt the Lord give me this verse when my SS Class back in the States
asked us to share with the class a verse on our hearts for a memorization project.
God led me to this one (and yes, the class did notice it was quite long).

i didn't know then,
well...not totally, that this would be a theme verse of mine.

God keeps putting this verse before me

as His gentle reminder

that He is able to do
immeasureably more than i can ask or imagine.
immeasureably more.

yes Lord, this reminder is what i need.


and then there is more,
this little comforter of a verse...

and my God will supply 
every need of yours 
according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus
philippians 4:19

do i really trust?
yes, i must. i do.
thank you Jesus.

prayer requests.
*big kids start school tomorrow. 
pray for adjustment, teachers, friends, confidence, blessing.
*joe has some crazy eye infection.
pray for healing and that no germs would spread to those around.
*bristol's visa.
pray that we find favor and that finances will work out.
it seems to be more exspensive and extensive than we thought possible.
(yes, once again we are dealing with paperwork on our princess.
she came over on a different visa than the rest of us, 
related to us not getting her uspassport until hours before we left the country.)

and praise.
in case you haven't heard...
our car, aka alex rover, is back.
cost us an arm and leg, but she's back.
still got some minor kinks, but she drives. 
praise God! one more time. praise God.


Chrissy said...

I am just so encouraged by your blog! I know that's not why it's here... but it is always a happy place for me to come visit! I think I am a little jealous of your ministry... but, it helps me remember to pray for you!

Steve and Dee said...

Hey Court...I don't know what your problems are exactly re Bristol's visa but I just want to 'throw this out' for whatever it's worth. You can 'fedex' her passport to the visa co in the US and have them fedex it back to you. I don't know how reliable fedex is there but a friend of ours did that from here. It was much cheaper than going out to HK to get temporary visas until they could get back to the US.

We also had a friend take our passports back to the states, send it in to the visa co, and britt brought them back to china for us.

Just a few ideas.....we never thought of doing this the first few years....everything about visas OVERWHELMED us back then! :)

Don't know if this helps but just wanted to share the info.

Love ya,
Aunt Dee :)