Sunday, June 22, 2008

all good things must end...

one last hoorah at the beach... LANKFORD '08...Briley and I made our last trip to the beach this afternoon after a quick trip to Seaside for lunch. We went to Seaside to ride bikes too but decided it was way too hot. It was wonderful to spend time with just Bri. We hardly ever get to have girl time. I have really been convicted about not getting to spend time with just her. I believe it is so important and I need to make it a point to take time out to do special things with just her.

After many failed attempts for a family beach pic...this is the best I could come up with. Not so good! This was taken Saturday during our last full day of Florida fun and sun. Joey and Briley spent the entire day at the beach catching jellyfish. Yep, my daughter - the soon to be scientist- caught stinging sea creatures (aka jellyfish) all day long. And managed to be the one in charge among the other kiddos trying to do the same. Can you imagine?

The kids had $20 to spend on a prize while we here in Florida. Well, on Saturday nite, they chose build-a-bear. Which was of course much more than $20. Briley chose an elephant that she named Hayley. Cy chose a bear his daddy named Jake. And Braxton chose an alligator he dressed in batman attire then cried after we paid b/c maybe he wanted to trade it for an animal that could fit in the spiderman suit. You gotta love kids. I mean come on - just be grateful! He has come back around and showed his gator some love since then.

It's been an awesome trip. We have a long road ahead of us in the morning but it will be good to get back home!

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