Monday, June 2, 2008

i answers

Try filling in the answers to the following phrases….it’s not as easy as it looks.

i am: a busybody

i think: way too much

i know: God is in control of everything

i want: my kids to do what I tell them the first time I tell them

i have: the most incredible husband

i wish: money wasn't always an issue

i hate: neglect

i miss: my kids when I am away from them

i fear: death

i feel: like there's always something to be done

i hear: the peace and quiet at bedtime

i smell: shampooed hair

i crave: chocolate

i search: for Braxton's blue nitenite too often

i wonder: when we'll get our adopted baby girl

i regret: being so impatient with my children

i love: being with Joey and the kids

i ache: for orphans

i care: what people think of me and my family

i always: want to do my best

i am not: perfect

i believe: in Jesus

i dance: around the house

i sing: in the car

i cry: thinking about Braxton's and Barron's NICU experiences

i don’t always: turn it all over to God

i fight: the urge to check on my kids upteen times before bed

i write: notes in my Bible

i win: most sit ups in race between Joey and I

i lose: Memory game when I play with Briley

i never: skip dessert

i confuse: wants and needs

i listen: to nature around me

i can usually be found: in the kitchen

i am scared: to lose a loved one

i need: to pray even more

i am happy about: how God is working in my life

thanks Amy - it really made me think


Amy said...

Isn't that hard to do? I loved filling in the answers....although it took me a lot longer than I thought. I love reading your blog. It makes me not miss you guys as much as we do.....b/c we feel like we are there with you now. Love your kids and lover you guys. Tell Eyore happy birthday from The Gayharts!

Amy said...

It's really stupid but I had to say something because it was so odd... I would have almost the same thing in all of my answers. it was just weird.