Monday, June 23, 2008


Every good and perfect gift is from above... James 1:17
My daughter is such a treasure to me. Daily I am amazed by, intelligence, humor, compassion, love, hope, joy for life, imagination...just to name a few!

I had written in my last entry that I wanted to start spending a little more time with just her. She and I rarely get this since her 2 brothers hang with us and especially since baby Bear is well, still a baby.

Anyway, my goal is girly adventures. What are some of the best memories you had growing up with your mom? Was it reading stories, going on walks, special "dates", making bead necklaces, shopping trips, coloring pictures? I'd love to come up with some super creative ideas for us. It is very hard with multiple children, to create specific time for each child. I feel Briley is beginning to grow and mature so fast and I want to create a bond that can last thru the tough teenage years that seem to start earlier than ever. I have a few ideas of my own but thought reaching out for some advice could bring some fresh ones. If you have/had a daughter what memories would you like to make?

Thanks for any suggestions!


Amanda Pilkinton said...

I don't have a daughter (that I know of yet), but I am a mom and I used to have "sleepovers", where she would sleep in my room with me and we would talk for hours until we fell asleep. This was quite fun and I have so many memories of this. Whatever you and Briley do, she is already lucky to have such a great mom.

Phillip and Amber...Parents to Be :-) said...

Whatever you do, take pictures. Then spend time with Briley making a scrapbook of Mommy-daughter time. She will cherish it! I hope to be half the mother you have been to your children. You inspire me. :) Amber

sonya gay stokes said...

i just wanted to tell you that this picture of you & bri made me so happy. ya'll are beautiful & beachy and it makes me so excited to look ahead to the days like this i will share with livi drae. what a perfect moment in time was captured here.... thanks. -sonya

jeana jackson said...

hey courtney!
finally getting on your blog and enjoying it so much.i am in love with your kids! i couldn't pass up the chance to give a mommy~daughter idea. i remember the days of helping my mom cook, or bake.just getting to stir at first and then moving up to making the whole thing as she instructed.then being in the kitchen with my girls and letting them make a whole cake from start to finish and then showing dad and eating it that night when he got home from work. oh the memories!
you are a wonderful mom..... i have seen it. love ya'll