Tuesday, June 17, 2008

vacation day 4

I can not believe we are already on day 4 of our annual Lankford Family Vacation. Well, atleast our crew is on the 4th day. We started Saturday morning with a family reunion on Mimi's side of the family. It was a bit off the beaten path on our way to Florida but worth the time.

Sunday morning we woke up and hit the beach! We were super excited that Rich, Dana, Gavin , and Taylor also came down early. Soon we met up with our entire clan (Nate's family and Nonni and Papa) at our beach house and had big pool fun and ice cream treats. Braxton practiced his new swimming skills and Briley practiced cheerleading stunts with her uncles. Barron looks like he has fish potential, too - this kid loves the water. He looks like a little frog swimming around. The best part about this day was... Father's Day! Joey is an amazing dad - he spends such quailty time with the kids! He is always up for a good adventure. He loved his special treat - a leather belt with LANKFORD stamped on the back.

My favorite part of the trip so far... watching Braxton sing on stage Monday night at the kids karaoke. He saw the kids doing it and said he'd like to try. I never thought he actually would follow thru, but Aunt Tiff and I took him up there while the rest of the crew finished dinner at an incredible restaurant across the way. The rest of our bunch didn't know what was going on until they heard his name and him singing his famous tune "Hey buddy buddy". He belted it out like a professional! When he finished all the fam had gathered around cheering! I am not kidding, this kid sang in front of a lawn full of people and shoppers in Baytown Wharf. Oh what fun! He had so much fun he did sing one more tune before he and Sissy Bear moved on to the super trampoline jump thingy! My Brax is really coming out of his shell these days! What a cool guy! (p.s. will try and post a concert clip soon).

Unfortunately, Papa had to leave today to hit the campaign trail. It's not quite the Lankford Family Vacation without him. This was the first year that every single one of us (15 members strong and counting) had made the vacation. Atleast, we had 2 nights with him. We miss you Papa!

Tonight - we checked out the flick KUNG FU PANDA. I felt as if I had wrestled my own panda, aka Barron Hudson, by the time the movie finished.

Hope you enjoy some pic highlights.

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