Monday, June 2, 2008

a little splish

Over the weekend we busted out the ole baby pool. It was hot and we needed a place to cool off. I have decided my 2 big kiddos are a bit big for a "baby" pool. Their legs stretched from one end to the other. Watching them slide was a hoot since both are longer than the slide. Nevertheless, they had a blast shooting each other with water guns and splish splashing. And since we have had this baby pool for 4 years now - it is a little tattered. We had to improvise to keep the water from leaking out the cracks - that's when Braxton's undies came in handy and plugged a hole. Looks like we are on the hunt for a new one this week! Summer's not summer without water fun!

Barron climbed on his first tractor this weekend. I knew since he had such a love for our 4 wheeler that the tractor would be a hit. He kicked his legs and got super excited as I handed him up to Joey for a short ride. It's so fun watching him experience new things. Another new, he loves to stand holding onto things. We stand him up in his bed (or anywhere really) and he holds on for dear life and bounces. He can't get up there himself yet ,but, loves to do it with help.

It's an exciting week for Briley - she has horse camp. As you know, this girl is smitten with animals and some of her favorites are horses. I'll post more on her adventures at camp later.
And...The most exciting event this week is... Braxton turns 4!! He woke up this morning saying "Mommy, only 1 more sleep until my birthday!" He been counting down for weeks now. I can not believe my little man will be 4 in less than 24 hours. Time flies when you are having fun!

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