Friday, June 20, 2008


2nd post of the day to share super duper big news! Briley Elisabeth has lost a tooth. Now, we all know she has missing her top 3 fronts since her run in with a slide at the park at the ripe ole age of 3 yrs. But today, we announce the loss of her "first" loose tooth. That booger was hanging by a thread for weeks. Finally, today at the water park, at the top of a slide with her daddy she pulls it out. Then, in a panic says they can't ride because she'll lose her tooth on the way down. So, what does her daddy do? He pops it in his mouth and holds it in his lip like a dip. Tonight, it lies safely under her pillow awaiting the tooth fairy. What is the going rate for a tooth fairy these days? Guess we will find out. Yeah!!!

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